Real Life Habits, Tangible Results, Healthier Relationships

Healthy Marriage Habits is a marriage conference designed to help equip married couples to have deeply fulfilling relationships by focusing on specific and tangible habits that can be developed.


WHO: Engaged or Married couples looking to invest in their relationship

WHAT: A one day conference to help equip your relationship to thrive

WHEN: There are two conferences coming up, one on February 17th at Fork Christian Church and March 10th at Community Christian Church

Nic Cox, Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, will be leading our time together during this conference.

The conference consists of six large group sessions, all aimed at learning habits that can last a lifetime.  You will also receive a workbook to keep the habits going after the conference.

Breakfast, refreshments and snacks will be provided throughout the conference.

Divorces Every Hour
Children Affected by Divorce Each Year
Couples “Happily Married” after 20 years
Days to Learn Habits to Make a Difference

















The Marriage You’re Dreaming Of

There are so many people who look at their marriage and wonder what happened to the relationship they dreamed about on their wedding day.  Marriage is hard.  It takes more than luck to make it work.  It takes hard work and the right tools in the toolbox.  This one-day conference is designed with real life couples in mind to help you be equipped to have the marriage you signed up for.

Real Life Skills

Healthy Marriage Habits focuses on real life skills you can put into practice today.  With the right tools in place, any marriage can be healthier.


Communication Skills

Communication is one of the most importance aspects of any relationship.  Learn how to communicate more effectively as a couple.

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Conflict in a marriage is inevitable.  Being able to navigate conflict in a healthy way is essential for long-term relational health and marriage satisfaction.

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Struggles over intimacy are commonplace in marriages.  Learn how to manage intimacy in your relationship so you can have something much more than common with each other.

Family Life

All of us dream about having the healthiest families possible.  Learn how to take your family in the right direction.

Faithfulness in a Digital Age

Honoring your marriage vows has never been harder.  Learn how to guard your marriage in this new digital age.

Married for Life

Marriage is a wonderful journey, but at times it can be hard.  Make sure you’re equipped for the adventure.