Fee Scale and Insurance

Family and Couple Therapy Services, Inc. is in network with most insurance carriers. (Example: Care First Blue Cross / Blue Shield; Tricare; Aetna; etc.)

You should find out the following information prior to your first visit to our office:

  • What is my deductible? Have I met my deductible?  You are responsible to pay the full fee for service until your deductible is met.


  • Do I need pre-authorization for out-patient treatment? If your therapist at Family and Couple Therapy Services, Inc. is not pre-authorized to provide treatment, you may be denied payment by your insurance carrier.


  • What percentage of the current fee will my insurance company pay, and what percentage of the fee am I responsible to pay? At Family and Couple Therapy Services, Inc. clients are expected to pay at least their portion of the fee at each and every session.


  • Is my therapist on my insurance company’s preferred provider list?  Many insurance companies reduce the portion of payment they reimburse if you see a professional who is not part of your network.


While we will make every effort to become a part of your network, please be aware that this process takes time and may not always be successful. You are ultimately responsible to pay any balance that your insurance company may not cover. It is our intent that all who request therapy are assisted in finding a way to make that help affordable.

Our “Therapy Hour*” fee is $125.00. (If a client does not have insurance or cannot access their insurance for the purpose of therapy/counseling a courtesy rate reduction is available — ask your therapist or our office/billing manager.)

*A Therapy Hour is defined as being forty five (45) minutes long.