Mrs. Ritchie McCall, MS, LCPC

• Ritchie works with individuals, couples and teens • Graduated with a B.S. from East Carolina University www.ecu.edu • Received a Master of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University www.jhu.edu • Earned a Master of Science from Loyola University www.loyola.edu

During her graduate studies Ritchie worked at • Keypoint Health Center www.keypoint.org, • Epoch Counseling Center (Drug and Alcohol Rehab) and • Greater Baltimore Medical Center www.gbmc.org, (Bariatric Unit).

Professional Affiliations: • American Counseling Association www.counseling.org • American Psychological Association www.apa.org

Ritchie also taught 11th and 12th grade English in Baltimore County Public Schools www.bcps.org for over twelve years. As a teacher she often realized that the great literature classics were a fascinating study in psychology and relationships.  Her goal as a counselor is to see people grow and develop into emotionally healthy and happy individuals. Ritchie was married, until his death, to John McCall for over thirty years; she has three daughters and one grandson. As a pastor’s wife she counseled men and women and taught Bible studies.

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